27 Apr

Away We Go for Summer Camp Fun! ¡A Divertirse!

Camp 3 - dia 3 080We are getting ready for summer fun, Latin style!  Preschool and Kindergarten academics give way to exciting topics like cowboys, ecology, beaches, and Latin festivals! We’ll dive into each themed camp, learning interesting facts and related vocabulary, all in Spanish, of course!  Take a peek!

Your child can fly away to the Amazon and learn about pink dolphins, macaws, and moonflowers in our Treasures of the Rainforest camp, explore gauchos, rodeos, and rattlesnakes at Rodeo Round-Up camp or learn about grape stomping and flower parades at It’s Fiesta Time! If galaxies and comets brighten your children’s day, send them to Out of This World camp!  In Passport to the Latin World camp, they could study volcanoes and waterfalls or learn about Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, white-faced monkeys or the River of Five Colors.  Your child could become a ringmaster, a tightrope walker, or a lion tamer during The Big Top camp.  Don’t miss out on Eco Kids camp, where kids learn ways to help protect our planet.  The possibilities are endless when talking Summer Fun!  (Themes vary by location). 

Each camp is a unique experience and an interactive way to explore the Spanish language. Campers ages 3-8 are grouped by age into homerooms to learn the fact of the day and delve into a themed art project.  Each homeroom class morphs into a fun-filled station and the children dance their way around the school, making a stop in each room.  Rotations may include magic, science, puppet shows, cooking activities, competitions, or obstacle courses!  Campers will have some outdoor play time with their new friends, and head back to the classroom for lunch and an activity like brain games or table games.  We’ll even create a themed activity book to show mom and dad what we’ve been learning!

All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers and each day your child will be immersed in the Spanish language. Is your child new to Spanish?  Don’t worry! We will work on target vocabulary words during camp and send you a daily email so you may practice at home.   Teachers will use lots of visual materials, and make sure that children are following along.  Hugs are the same in all languages and we will give plenty of those, too!

If you are staying in town this summer, there is no better way to whet your child’s appetite for learning a second language than Summer Camps at Spanish Schoolhouse!  Seventeen Texas locations!  Enroll online at www.spanishschoolhouse.com.  ¡Nos vemos pronto!




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