The Bilingual Kindergarten Journey at Spanish Schoolhouse

When it’s time for your child to start Kindergarten, there are many choices! You may be considering public/charter schools, private options, or even homeschooling. While there are benefits to each option, we’d like to share a few of the unique advantages of Bilingual Kindergarten at Spanish Schoolhouse.

The Language Advantage

One of the obvious gifts of Kinder at SSH is continuing language immersion. Our preschoolers who have been with us for up to four years have built an amazing base of Spanish – in many cases with near-native fluency. The opportunity to continue language immersion while transitioning into a Kindergarten curriculum is an investment which yields priceless results.  Our five-day Kindergarten program provides a continuous education in both Spanish and English.  This allows concepts to be deeply absorbed in both languages.  Additionally, our students are reading and writing in two languages! This gives them a great advantage and a head start into their elementary years, as they will leave SSH being biliterate!

We don’t like to brag, but parents of our graduates often report that their child is well above grade level once they transition into elementary school. We’ve also heard from dual-language elementary teachers who say they can tell which students came from SSH because they stand out!

Personal Connections

SSH’s low ratios are another important point to consider when choosing where your child will attend Kindergarten. With a 12:1 ratio, our Kinder teachers are able to have quality one-on-one and small group interaction with students daily. Beyond the numbers, the culture of our school allows for much closer relationships between teachers and children. The warm and loving environment of our preschool carries over into the Kinder classroom, even while the academic expectations increase. That loving support can be the bridge that some little ones need to adjust to the new adventures of Kindergarten.

 Setting a High Bar

Speaking of academics, our Kindergarten curriculum goes above and beyond! We meet or exceed all of the state benchmarks called TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). These are the requirements followed by all public schools, so we know that our students will be well prepared when they transition into first grade. While we follow some of the themes and events of the preschool, in the Kindergarten class, we delve more deeply into science, social studies, language arts, and math. Special activities enjoyed by Kindergarteners include Science Fair, 100th Day of School, Texas History, and Black History Month, just to name a few! Of course, they still are able to participate in the fun of shows and activities like Bike Parade, Fall Fest, petting zoo, community helpers, and all the class parties!

To help us ensure that our students are on track, or identify areas where additional support may be needed, we conduct thorough academic assessments three times per year for each child. Because of our low ratios, teachers are able to really personalize learning for those who need extra help as well as those who might need extra challenges! Parent-Teacher conferences are also available to review progress and answer questions families may have about their child’s learning. At these conferences, both English and Spanish teachers will talk to you about your child’s progress in each language.

Too Good to Be True?

You might be asking how we can fit all of this amazing curriculum into a 5-hour Kindergarten day! As our teachers who previously worked in ISDs can attest, our small school atmosphere makes all the difference. Because all of the Kindergarteners’ activities are with their main classroom teacher(s), time is not lost transitioning to other classrooms or teachers. Students eat lunch together in the classroom with their teacher(s) instead of traveling back and forth to the cafeteria. This consistency allows for smooth transitions between activities and subjects. Not only is this more efficient, but it builds a sense of trust, security, and community.

Fostering the Love of Learning

Building a love of learning is one of our highest goals at Spanish Schoolhouse. Our engaging and dynamic curriculum makes learning fun!  SSH students come to class every morning eager to learn something new. Not to mention all the positive reinforcement they get from their teachers – the hugs, high fives and smiles that make their confidence grow! All of this creates a safe and loving environment where students can spread their wings. It’s exciting to watch them advance to even greater heights.

Our ultimate goal for our Kindergarteners is to help them transition to their elementary years academically prepared, eager to learn, and with a bilingual base that sets them up for success! We’re pleased and grateful that we can provide this opportunity through our bilingual Kindergarten education. If you have questions about our program, please call our office for more information or read more at

We’ll leave you with this feedback from a parent of one of our recent Kinder grads:

“My son continues to exceed his teacher’s and our expectations. I know this is due to the very strong foundation he received at Spanish Schoolhouse.

There are so many positive things he received from Spanish Schoolhouse!!! Most importantly his love of learning and reading. His interactions with everyone at the school taught him to be especially kind and loving. He wants to hug everyone he greets!! Learning about the culture was so important to us and we continue the wonderful traditions at home. Such a great and rewarding experience for us all!!!”

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