16 Aug

SSH After-School Spanish! Language Learning for All Levels

As fall approaches, parents are starting to think about after-school activities for their children.  The options are numerous: sports, music, dance, and art, to name just a few. All of these are enriching, but we’d like to throw out another option, which just happens to be our favorite topic, LANGUAGE LEARNING! 

Why Spanish Classes?

Extensive research shows that the early childhood and elementary years are when human brains are most receptive to learning a new language (click here to check out some of that research). However, many school districts miss this optimal window of learning and don’t start teaching Spanish or other languages until middle school or later. That’s why our mission at Spanish Schoolhouse is to immerse children in the Spanish language and Latin culture at a young age and to inspire them to become globally aware citizens!

Immersion Style – The Natural Way

Our After School Spanish classes use a conversational immersion format that’s ideal for both beginners and experienced language learners in grades Kindergarten – 5th grade. Hands-on activities in each class encourage students to get involved in the language and use it naturally, rather than by rote memorization. From reading stories and acting them out to learning new songs or competing in games, each week brings a new adventure that’s full of fun and energy! New vocabulary words and phrases are introduced in every class and are woven into the day’s conversation. For additional support, students receive workbookswith written activities geared to their individual levels. The combination of conversation and written practice accelerates the learning process.

SSHAfter School classes are offered one or two days per week so you can choose the schedule that works best for your child. Since each12-week session has a new curriculum, students can continue throughout elementary school. These classes are a great way for our former preschool/kindergarten students to maintain their language exposure. Beginner students are also welcome!

Cultural and Global Awareness

Speaking a second language opens doors to travel, career, cultural, and personal enrichment. It helps children see different points of view, increases empathy and creativity, and improves listening, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.  Take advantage of the prime time for language learning and give your child a gift that lasts a lifetime. If you’d like more information on our After School Spanish classes, check out our website at https://spanishschoolhouse.com and choose a location to find the class schedule near you.

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