Preschool Uniforms: A Good Fit!

“They’re only in preschool!  Why do they need to wear uniforms?!”  If you’re a new SSH parent, this thought may have crossed your mind. It can certainly be fun dressing preschoolers (or watching what they choose on their own).  However, shopping for outfits they’ll agree to wear and then convincing them to wear them on cue can be challenging! School uniforms may have pros and cons, but after years of consideration, here’s why Spanish Schoolhouse feels the benefits make them the right fit for our preschool.




Less Morning Hassles

A set dress code helps busy parents move more efficiently through their morning routine since there are fewer decisions (or struggles!) about what to wear! This gives your family more time to start the day on a positive note.

Sense of Community/Unity

Students feel a bond and sense of belonging when they see their classmates dressed like them. They’re a part of the SSH family, which includes the teachers and office staff all sporting similar uniforms.  We’ve even heard stories of families who’ve “found each other” outside of school (in the park, library, or grocery store) and made new friends that they didn’t regularly see at the school.




Increased Focus at School

At this young age, children enjoy showing off their special outfits and comparing. This can sometimes detract from the focus of the day’s activities as kids notice and comment on each other’s outfits. Uniforms to the rescue!  With fewer distractions, learning is easier, which positively affects children’s attitudes about school.

Freedom to Dive In!

We embrace hands-on (and often messy!) learning activities, and we love having school uniforms so students don’t have to worry about keeping their favorite outfits clean. Of course, we use paint shirts or smocks to protect their uniforms as well.  🙂



Periquito Azul Days

We still offer chances for students to express themselves individually through their clothing!  Periquito Azul Days are favorites among the children. They’re special celebration days and they’re uniform-free!!  There may be a suggested dress code if we’re celebrating a certain holiday, but children are always free to wear an outfit of their choice on these days!  This makes it an even more special event for the students.

Choices, Choices…

We try to offer a wide variety of uniform options within the SSH Dress Code guidelines. Parents can choose from t-shirts, polos, and button-down shirts to dresses and jumpers. Getting your child’s input on what pieces to buy will make them even more excited to wear them!  SSH approved bottoms are solid navy, khaki, or denim, but can range from long pants/jeans to shorts, leggings, skirts, or skorts. There are no rules on shoes (though closed-toe shoes are safest!), socks, or hair accessories.

We believe in clothing that’s both durable and comfortable! Most of our uniforms are tag-free to minimize irritation. We’re also cost-conscious, striving to keep prices reasonable so uniforms aren’t a financial burden on families.

Unique, No Matter What They Wear

We make sure our students have plenty of opportunities to express themselves and their big personalities through activities, rather than clothing!  Overall, SSH families tell us they appreciate the convenience of school uniforms and they like the novelty of occasional uniform-free days. Do you? Tell us more in the comment section below!


  • Agree in all counts not to mention the fact is definitely a a more economic solution as well!

  • I love uniforms! It makes mornings so easy!

  • I love the uniforms, but my LO does not (at only 2 years old). So I try to offer her leeway with what she wears underneath the uniform. I hope that is okay for the rules! I also encourage her to be creative in her socks and hair accessories. My little one is a strong-willed gal with a definite opinion. I look forward to what she will accomplish in the future – but it sure is trying right now! haha!

So, what do you think?