Nine Fascinating Facts Your Child Can Learn at Spanish Schoolhouse Summer Camp

Spanish Schoolhouse summer camp children learning about the Amazon rainforest.

We’re so happy to welcome summer and all the fun that comes with Spanish Schoolhouse summer camp!  Our camps are full Spanish immersion, so children can continue their Spanish exposure and learning over the summer! Many SSH campers are former students who we love to welcome back year after year!  Others are current students who proudly invite their siblings, cousins, friends, and neighbors to check out “their school” for a couple of weeks. We welcome children ages 3-8 for a cultural and language experience without leaving town!

One thing that never changes at SSH is the loving, FUN atmosphere.  Another is our shared love for LEARNING!  Spanish Schoolhouse summer camp is the best place for cultural and language learning for kids.  The variety of camp themes is an exciting change of pace from the school year. 

For kids who can’t make it to every camp (and for parents who wish they were young enough to attend!) here’s a look at the variety of themes. Check out a few of the facts our little campers might learn this summer (all in Spanish, of course!). 

1. Can you guess how big a blue whale’s heart is? 

About 400 pounds!  And it’s about the size of a small car!  In our Let’s Go to the Beach! camp, you’ll learn that almost every Latin American country borders an ocean.  From the birds to the sea life, to the local music and culture, each region and coast has its own magic. Catch a wave and join us for this popular marine-themed camp!   

The blue whale's heart weighs about 400 pounds.

2. Arachnophobia?  Don’t go for a stroll in the Amazon Rainforest!

The Amazon rainforest is home to the largest spider in the world.  Named the Goliath Birdeater, its legs can span up to almost a foot wide and its body is close to five inches long.  The rainforest is also not the best place for a stroll if you’re scared of the dark!  The Forest Floor is very dark because the thick layers above block more than 95% of the sun’s light!  In fact, the upper layers are so thick that when it rains, it takes about ten minutes for the water to reach the ground!

The amazing Amazon rainforest is a habitat for millions of other animal, bird, reptile, and plant species!  Come explore the treasures of this exotic wonderland in our Rainforest Adventure Spanish-immersion camp.

Goliath Birdeater, the largest spider in the world, comes from the Amazon rainforest.

3. Did you know… there are over 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy?  

If you tried to count them one by one, it would take over 3000 years!  Campers in our 3, 2, 1… Blast Off! camp will go on a cosmic voyage to explore moons, planets, stars, and galaxies!   We take an exciting look at space travel and learn about the lives of astronauts. 

Picture of the Milky Way galaxy

4. Do you know how salty the Dead Sea is? 

It’s so salty there are no plants, fish, or visible life in it!  The high salt concentration (about 34%) makes it a good place for a beginner swimmer because people float and can’t sink in this water!  Try our Eco Kids Spanish-immersion camp to find all the ways the Earth’s resources make our lives richer.  We explore how we can take care of our planet and how it takes care of us!  We also look at exciting and creative ways to use and conserve the natural materials around us – animals, plants, land, sea, and sky.  

Couple floating in the salty Dead Sea

5. Who knew?  Many of the things we use every day were invented by the Ancient Chinese!

In our Adventures in Time camp, you might learn that the compass/brújula, fan/abanico, kite/cometa, umbrella/sombrilla, wheelbarrow/carretilla, horse harness/arnés, fireworks/fuegos artificiales, and paper money/billetes  were all invented long ago in China.  Ancient Chinese dynasties are just some of the fascinating eras we explore.  Come with us as we explore prehistoric times, ancient civilizations, medieval kingdoms, and the life-changing inventions of more recent decades.  

Chinese umbrella or sombrilla

6.  Have you ever seen a river that looks like a rainbow?

Caño Cristales is an amazing river in Colombia known as the “River of Five Colors.”  This natural wonder is like a rainbow in the water with shades of yellow, green, blue, black, and red.  The red color comes from a plant and the other colors come from black rocks, green algae, blue water, and yellow sand.  There are no fish or other creatures in this river so it’s a beautiful place to swim!  

You learn about all kinds of places like this in our Exploring Latin America Spanish-immersion camp.  We journey through Latin countries and learn all about the food, customs, natural wonders, and interesting creatures. 

Caño Cristales river of five colors in Colombia

7. Did you know cowboys in the Old West had a special code of behavior?

These unwritten but well-known rules of the Old West era included being polite, always saying, “Howdy”, never waving at a man on a horse (only nodding), and never riding another man’s horse or wearing his hat without permission.  

Learn about the life of cowboys/vaqueros and cowgirls/vaqueras throughout North and South America, and explore the history of the Old West in our Wild, Wild West camp!  We might even enjoy a “campfire” meal or two!   

The Wonderful Wild West Spanish Schoolhouse Summer Camp

8. How’s your Olympic knowledge?

This year, the Summer Games in Japan will feature 33 different sports and 339 events!  In our Summer Games camp, we will learn about the sporting events and ceremonies of the summer Olympics, and about this year’s host country, Japan.  Gold medal fun and games await our campers in this exciting Spanish immersion camp! 

Spanish Schoolhouse summer camp olympic theme - Summer Games

9. If you thought pillow fights were fun, how about a tomato fight?!!

At the end of August, Spain has an annual celebration in Valencia called La Tomatina where the public has a one-hour tomato fight!  Up to 40,000 people join the fight, throwing over 100 tons of ripe tomatoes!  

This is just one of the many lively fiestas and festivals we preview during our Fun, Friends, Fiesta! camp. Campers are immersed in the Spanish language and culture as they learn about the traditional crafts, piñatas, music, and dancing that are such a big part of the celebrations in the Hispanic world. ¡A celebrar!   

La Tomatina tomato fight in Valencia, Spain

Come Join the Cultural Learning and Fun at Spanish Schoolhouse Summer Camp!

We hope these Spanish Schoolhouse summer camp facts have piqued your interest. Camp themes vary by location, so check out our website for dates and information.  They’re two weeks long with lots of attendance options for both full-time and part-time. Enrollment closes 10 days prior to each camp or when full, so don’t miss out!  For more info on our summer camps in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin, check this previous blog that describes the camp experience. We can’t wait to see current, former, and future students this summer!

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