Meet the Teacher: New Beginnings Made Easier!

Starting a new school, or even starting a new class at the same school, can be a time of excitement and a little trepidation for both preschoolers and their parents! Couple that with immersion in a new language and even the most confident parent/child may feel a bit overwhelmed. Meet the Teacher events provide the perfect opportunity to help smooth the way and make it easier to greet new beginnings with smiles instead of butterflies!

Getting to Know Each Other

At Spanish Schoolhouse, Meet the Teacher Day is more than meets the eye. It accomplishes many goals to help families have a successful school year! The first goal is the most obvious: the opportunity to get to know a little about your child’s classroom teachers and for them to get to know you. Our teachers are all native Spanish speakers who love to share their unique and warm culture. We encourage you to ask them about their home countries. The teachers will also provide you with a “Getting to Know Your Child” form to complete so that you can share anything/everything that you’d like the teachers to know. Whether it’s about a favorite stuffed animal that helps your child sleep, a special nickname, or things that make your child happy/sad, it helps the teachers to make your child feel more comfortable by having this knowledge.

New Friends

The second best part of Meet the Teacher is all the other people who will be there – your child’s new classmates! Meeting a new friend or two will give you something to talk about with your child as you prepare for the first day of school. A reminder that “We’ll get to see your new friends Sophie and Alec at school!” can help your child feel excited to come to class. As a bonus, these new classmates have parents who could very well be your new friends! Whether you volunteer together as class parents or plan weekend playdates and birthday parties, meeting other parents helps you to build a community within your child’s school family.

I have so many questions!

You guessed it, the next goal of Meet the Teacher Day is to get answers to all those questions! “Do I have all my forms turned in?”, “How does carpool work?”, “What is the uniform code again?”, and “How can you possibly get 12 two-year-olds to nap?”.  These questions and more can all be answered by the director and office staff! Our staff is here to help make your transition as smooth as possible.  They truly love to help our newest families feel welcomed.

So, what REALLY happens at school?

The first weeks of school are all about getting to know new teachers, new classmates, and new routines, not to mention a new language! Each class focuses on helping all of their students adjust and feel comfortable. We begin our dive into our themed learning with an “All About Me” week!  Your child will hopefully begin to share with you about circle time, the new song he learned, or the fun art activity the class worked on, including a few new Spanish words.

Within the first month of school, we will also offer Grade Level Meetings (sometimes called “Curriculum Meetings”). These meetings are a chance for parents to learn more specifics about the goals that each age level will be working on throughout the year and the activities/programs that will be used to help reach those goals. You may have built up a list of questions and this is the time to get those answered. Anything not covered in the presentation can be raised during the Question and Answer session. We encourage all parents to take advantage of this opportunity!

Welcome to the Family!

The Latin culture is warm and welcoming and we strive to make Spanish Schoolhouse reflect that feeling. You are now part of the Spanish Schoolhouse family and we are here to support you and your child as you begin (or continue) this language immersion journey! We are excited to get to know you better and welcome you to our loving, colorful Latin family! ¡Bienvenidos!

For your school’s Meet the Teacher date and time, visit the event calendar at 

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