Have You Met Periquito Azul?


If you pass through a Spanish Schoolhouse, chances are high that you’ll hear a little song that goes something like this, “En la tienda hay un periquito azul entre dos pajaritos.”  It’s the theme song of our school, and it tells the story of our beloved mascot, Periquito Azul (Blue Parrot).  You’ll see our little feathered friend in the classroom, on students’ backpack tags, stickers, and other fun places.

The history of Periquito Azul is a little fuzzy (or would that be feathery?), but rumor has it that one of our first teachers at Spanish Schoolhouse Frisco introduced the song to her class, and it became an instant hit.  Soon all the other teachers wanted to join in the fun, and before long, a star was born!

Periquito Azul loves to visit each student at home throughout the year.  When students are selected as  “Estrella de la Semana,” or Star of the Week, they have the opportunity to take Periquito home with them.  He comes with a special notebook that tells the tales of his travels, and each family can add to the book with drawings, photos, or a short entry about the time they spent together.  іQue divertido!  How fun!

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