Director Spotlight: Jennifer Granadillo

A Leader with Heart

The first thing you notice when you meet SSH Coppell director Jennifer Granadillo is her smile! It comes from deep within and radiates the positivity with which she greets each day. And it’s contagious! Just try not to smile after being welcomed into Spanish Schoolhouse by Jennifer. It’s nearly impossible!

Let’s Learn a Little Bit More About Her!

Jennifer is a proud native of Caracas, Venezuela. She moved to Texas in 2002 with her husband. A few years later, when looking for a preschool for her son, she discovered Spanish Schoolhouse. As a parent, she was thrilled to find SSH because it offered both language immersion and a warm atmosphere that reminded her so much of her home country.

After enrolling her son and getting to know the school, Jennifer realized SSH would be a great fit – not only for her child but for herself as well! Her background in teaching and curriculum development immediately made her an asset to the SSH team.  We were thrilled to have her on board as a teacher. It was soon apparent that she had the vision and leadership skills to take the school to an even greater level. As director for the past eight years, Jennifer has led the wonderful team of teachers and office staff at SSH Coppell. She inspires them every day to grow together, to bring 100% effort to their work, to love what they do, and have fun while doing it!

Fond Memories of Home

When remembering her years growing up in Venezuela, what Jennifer recalls the most is the love and family! Her large family would gather together in their home near Valencia for holidays, fairs, and other festivities. Recalling her grandmother’s cooking, the big family meals, the llanera music, and the joy of being all together brings a happy smile to her face. Her favorite foods were the sweets her abuela made, including polvorosas (a cookie) and quesillo (a flan-like dessert).  Click here for Jennifer’s Polvorosas recipe.  Jennifer works to keep that feeling alive with her family and her “school family” here in the U.S. They speak only Spanish at home, read stories about Latin American countries, and fill their days with love, hugs, and laughter.

A Strong and Loving Team

When asked what makes her SSH team so strong, Jennifer replies that they “work together as a family with one goal to make our students happy while they learn Spanish in a fun way. We love each other and have fun together. We make jokes, laugh, and trust each other.” Just like a family!

Over her 10 years at SSH, she has seen the school change, grow, and improve in so many ways.  However, what hasn’t changed is the feeling of love and welcoming. Her favorite memories are of the shows, seeing the end results of all of the hard work by the teachers and children. Even if everything doesn’t go perfectly, it is still a great learning experience and a cherished memory for all involved.

Each Student Leaves an Impression

Jennifer says, “I remember every child who has come through Spanish Schoolhouse. Every child is special and is forever in my family.” She treasures all the special notes and pictures from the children and enjoys running into her former students to see how they’ve grown.

Jennifer is very proud to be part of the Spanish Schoolhouse team and is passionate about sharing her culture and language with LOVE!! And we are the lucky ones to have her amazing leadership, positivity, and dedication to the students! ¡Gracias, Jennifer!


  • She is the greatest person you can imagine! Not only beautiful and very smart but kind and generous and full of positive energy to share. SSH is very lucky to have her in their team!

  • Hola Isabel, We thank you for your kind comments and we agree that we are VERY lucky to have Jennifer! <3

  • My daughter will be going into 3rd grade next year, but we still hold Jennifer and SSH as one of our fondest memories of her education.

  • Jaime,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I passed your comments along to Jennifer and she was so happy to hear from you! She will always remember how sweet Jalina was and how much she loved to speak Spanish. She sends her best wishes to the whole Suarez family!

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