8 Sep

Celebrando a los Abuelos / Celebrating Grandparents



September is an exciting time of the year with the “freshness” of a new school year and a hint of the coming fall season.  At Spanish Schoolhouse, it’s also a chance to focus on Hispanic Heritage and to honor some very special people in our lives… grandparents!  Every year in early September, our students love to invite their grandparents into the classroom for a simple but sweet ceremony to honor them.  Those without local grandparents are welcomed to invite another relative or “grand friend.”

As a national holiday, Grandparents’ Day is celebrated in many countries around the world.  The holiday recognizes the value of grandparents and their contributions to society and to families in the form of strength, information, and guidance.  The U.S. has observed this celebration on the first Sunday after Labor Day for almost 40 years.  In the U.S., grandparents enlarge the family circle of love, whether near or far.  Their emotional support helps children to develop confidence, respect, and a sense of belonging.   

In Spanish, grandma and grandpa may be called abuela/abuelo, or many short forms such as lita/lito, tata/tito, yaya/belo.  The nicknames may vary from country to country, but all throughout the Latin world, grandparents are an integral part of daily life. 

In many Spanish-speaking countries, generations of families choose to live close to each other, or even within the same household.  Grandparents may help with child care, while the parents work.  In Spain, it is estimated that up to half of grandmothers take care of grandchildren on a daily basis!

With this much involvement, grandparents are considered important teachers of religion, culture, and language.  Their opinions are widely respected and they are often consulted in major decision-making.  The close bonds among generations help strengthen the family unit, and promote warm and loving relationships between children and their grandparents. 

At Spanish Schoolhouse, we strive to create an environment as warm and caring as a Latin family!  Our students, parents, and grandparents are all a part of our Spanish Schoolhouse family.  We enjoyed meeting these important people in your child’s life during Grandparents’ Day this week, and hope that they enjoyed their visit to SSH!


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