A Cultural Summer Camp Experience at Spanish Schoolhouse!

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It’s time to plan for Summer 2020!  Summer days can seem long when children don’t have their usual routines. No matter how hard you try to keep little ones entertained, they often seem to have energy for days!  Temperatures rise, the pools start feeling more like a luke-warm bath, and being in the A/C feels like the only option. It can be a challenge to find screen-free activities! Spanish Schoolhouse summer camps to the rescue!    

Spanish Schoolhouse language immersion summer camps offer varied activities, creative learning, fun with friends, and long-lasting memories!  Leave the planning to the pros and let’s dive in and see what makes SSH camps so special!

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A Ticket to Adventure

At Spanish Schoolhouse, we bring educational fun and adventure to our summer camp classrooms.  No need to shop for an affordable airplane ticket (if there is such a thing!). Our campers get to visit the Amazon rainforest and all its unique resources in the Rainforest Adventure camp! They’ll learn different Latin American festivals, folk dances, and songs in the Fun, Friends, Fiesta! camp. They can travel through the Milky Way, learn space facts and make amazing art projects all around space in the 3,2,1…Blast Off camp! And they’ll experience the thrill of the Tokyo Olympics in the Summer Games camp.  If you want to provide a valuable, educational, interactive experience for your kids, then search no further! At Spanish Schoolhouse summer camps, the possibilities are endless!  

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Activity, Fun, and Language

SSH summer camps are all about FUN but the extra bonus for our campers is the unique experience of being immersed in the Spanish language and culture!  From the time they are greeted with hugs and high fives, our teachers make sure campers feel seen and welcomed. During each camp, every class learns its own short Spanish cheer.  At our “assembly” children get to demonstrate their new Spanish skills by chanting their cheers. When each class has shown off their cheers, there’s a big dance party!  

By mid-morning, each homeroom class morphs into a fun-filled “station” area. The campers dance their way around the school, making a stop at each station for an activity. Rotations may include magic, science, cooking activities, puppet shows, sports/competitions, or obstacle courses!  If the weather permits, campers enjoy some outdoor playtime with their friends. And on Fridays, we come together for a Campwide Adventure! You never know what we’ll have in store! All of these activities are taught in Spanish and filled with a Latin flare. 

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Helping New Campers Feel at Home

Our fun themes attract campers with different levels of Spanish experience. This adds to the learning as seasoned campers set an example and help the beginner campers! Even if a child has never spoken Spanish before, we set the stage for a comfortable welcome.  Throughout the dynamic camp day, our teachers use lots of visual materials so kids can easily follow along.  

In an immersion environment, conversation is key, so our native Spanish-speaking teachers encourage lots of interaction to maximize conversation. At every camp, no matter what the theme is, we work on target vocabulary words and send you a daily email so you can practice at home.

Summertime Solutions…in Spanish!  

A parent of former SSH campers shared how our camps were the answer in her search for summertime activities that entertain and educate.  

“I was usually on a budget for summer, so trips to the museum or a special jump house place were activities that we only planned a couple of times per week. I wanted to entertain my kids and keep their little brains and bodies active, so I spent hours researching camp options and comparing the pros and cons of each. I wanted everything – flexibility of schedules, safety, convenient location, variety and age-appropriateness of activities, and affordability.  I was dreaming of a place where our children could be active without me having to do all the planning and scheduling. 

Spanish Schoolhouse turned out to be just the place!  The whole energy of their camp locations is joyful, fun, and creative, and my kids ended up with memories they cherish to this day, not to mention the wonderful exposure to the Spanish language and culture.  Now ages 9 and 12, they remember their SSH camps with smiles on their faces, and wish they could go back to the “good old Spanish Schoolhouse days”.  

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Making Memories for Summer 2020

If Spanish Schoolhouse summer camps sound intriguing, check out some FAQs and information on this year’s themes here!  Our locations in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and North Austin are registering now for summer camps. Let us give your little campers a cultural experience, without leaving town!  It will be a summer camp they will never forget!

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